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Air Quality Monitoring

External air quality is an increasingly important area of focus in today’s carbon conscious society. There are, however many more parameters than just Carbon that can be monitored and therefore it is important to design a proper monitoring strategy for the application at hand.


At Castle, we have the expertise to propose the correct monitoring programmes and assessment criteria for your requirement and we can carry out the work in a way that will suit you.


  • Short-term monitoring of specific parameters
  • Fixed monitoring stations for long term applications
  • Mobile stations for baseline monitoring
  • Data-management and reporting


Our highly experienced consultants are also able to provide a number of services to match the level of work needed


  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Planning Statements
  • Baseline Monitoring
  • Regulatory Complaince
  • Compliance Measurement and Testing
  • Complaint resolution
  • Expert Witness work
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